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Beehives GoGo Troupe:

Meet Miss Molly, Hazy Daisy, Wild Honey & Lucy Watusi; The Beehives GoGo Troupe!

The Beehives GoGo dancers are a troupe of 1960s style gogo dancers performing both freestyle gogo sets and choreographed routines with anywhere from 1 to 6 performers. The Beehives blend classic gogo moves such as the twist, the monkey, the watusi and the pony, with a head spinning amount of freestyle shimmying and shaking. These girls know how to wiggle-wobble, how to twist and shout and how to shake it up baby now! Be mesmerised as they contort and gyrate and flick their be-tassled bodies in all manner of wild abandon just like the cage and podium dancers of the 60s!

The Beehives perform for band launches/gigs, burlesque variety shows, on festival stages, for promotional, private and corporate events, at street festivals (complete with own GoGo platforms) and at fashion events.

The Beehives dancers also teach GoGo dancing classes/workshops.


Brandy Savage:
Just as her name suggests, Brandy Savage is both sweet and intoxicating, and will
leave you wanting more. This raven-haired beauty has thrilled crowds throughout
Europe with her sultry yet cheeky performances.
She is known for her traditional fan dances with a twist, as she brings a slightly
edgy, rock feel to her burlesque performance.
Her fire acts are intense  with an element of danger and along with her captivating beauty
will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Ella Jezebella:
A Burlesque dancer with an evil sense of humour. A sassy little thing, with an attitude
far beyond her size she will catch you up with her corset strings, and hook you with her
stocking clasps... but don't worry, the only murder she commits is on the dance floor!
Part Gypsy flower child, Part sixties go-go dancer and part glittering showgirl.
She loves life... and she'll make you love it too!

Lola Cherry Cola:
Lola Cherry Cola is a saucy burlesque dancer and vintage pin up model.
She is as sweet as her name suggests when performing her cheesecake routines, but also
has a wicked side, especially when it comes to her neo burlesque acts and Roxanne.
She also specialises in Burlesque Hens Parties and Burlesque High Tea(se) and along with MC Feisty, can help celebrate the bride-to-be/birthday girl in spectacular burlesque fashion!

Petra Dish:


Dr Petra Dish wants to share her scientific research with her audiences. She likes to tease
till the chemistry is just right, before demonstrating her knowledge of biology by showcasing
a little of her own anatomy, and demonstrating the devious effects of gravity and momentum.
The world's first science-themed burlesque performer is also available for Marilyn Monroe
themed burlesque, classic bump and grind routines and anything weird and wonderful your event requires.

Miss Gail Force:
Gail Force was blown into existence with charm, grace and the ability to tear phone books in half.
A trapeze artist, cabaret, performer and strong woman on the side, she is all about spectacle
and above all a cheeky smile and a twinkle in her eye.

Things she loves:
Hanging from heights.
Spinning multiple hula hoops around her body.
Ripping phone books in half.
Bending steel bars.
Lifting heavy things.

Miss Jane (VIC):
Don't let that innocent face fool you! Miss Jane is part femme, part vamp and has
moves that will make any grown man shiver in his boots.  
She can teach a room full of women how to bring out their inner Goddess through the
"art of tease" and her amazing skills are indicative in the way that her classes book out.
Her diversity allows her to be cute and sexy or hot and exotic. She is small but powerful.
She adores all things glamorous, shiny, vintage, frilly, bitter and sweet. 







Becky Lou (VIC):

Becky Lou, the big-eyed, coke-bottle curved dreamboat has taken Melbourne by storm
since her arrival in 2010. At once heart-meltingly cute and zipper-tuggingly sexy,
her mostly comedic routines see her shift fromhilarious sex kitten to puppet-breasted
carney to champagne-soaked siren and more.
Her stylistic influences include hoochie-coochers, early silent films, Hollywood screwball
comedies of the 20's and the bump 'n' grinding Burlesque Queens of the 40's and 50's.
Instrumental in bringing jiggly back, she will make you swoon, giggle and choke on your cocktail.

Coco Poppin:   
Coco Poppin is a Brazilian Samba dancer with infectious energy and hips to hypnotise!
Coco has performed and trained interstate and internationally, and her samba troupes
have performed at festivals, on stage and on screen.
A vintage vixen at heart, Coco also dances 1960s Go-Go with The Beehives go-go dancers.
Coco’s Samba troupe The Coconuts are showgirls with shimmy and shake to boot!
You will fall in love with their incredible costumes, adorable antics and jaw-dropping jiggle.



This beauty has shimmied all over the world including performing for the
King of United Arab Emirates, the King of Morocco, Gloria Estefan and Puff Daddy.
Now she has made her home in WA to welcome you to the mystical wonders
of the traditional bellydance.
Her art form and the music will come together in a fusion of colour, movement
and rhythm. She dares you to resist as she weaves her way around the room,
engaging and entrancing you with every step.

The Badpiper:

With over 15 years of professional experience The Badpiper is the world’s
only flame-throwing, punk rock piper.
Having circumnavigated the globe over the years with his trusty pipes and covering
Canada, USA, Japan, Europe and the UK, The Badpiper finds himself on home soil
in 2011 filled with a renewed energy, attitude and passion to burn.

Copyright 2011 Feisty Entertainment

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